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This is what anime sounds like to our parents



That was hilarious.

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【サムメンコ】20歳になってから【腐】 by 東雪

Title: After You Turn Twenty
Pairing: Goto/Masayoshi
Note: is it okay for a superhero to casually attempt to break the law like that

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I hate Hazama Masayoshi’s hair.

Not because it’s ugly; it’s beautiful and fabulous

But because I CAN’T DRAW IT

Guess who beat SoulSilver (after having it for almost two years and still having to cheat by bringing Palkia over from Pearl)?


ashley-amelie replied to your post:ashley-amelie replied to your post:So last week I…
oh yeah!! I didn’t mean to say that as if you didn’t know, more like just lamenting that your friend doesn’t seem to grasp that concept~ and yeah, I can dig it!

I also didn’t want to seem like I was be accusatory! He he. Yeah, she doesn’t. We refuses to admit that, eve n disliking, that it has any merit as an art form. (Funnily enough, she supports incest but not women dressing how they want)

Yeah, there is this one rapper called Aesop Rock who we like, but he more than myself. But if people like it, don’t mind (well okay I do mind the shitty raps about drags and sexism and violence but as an art I don’t).

ashley-amelie replied to your post:So last week I was talking to my friend who is…
exclusive feminism is not feminism smh (also I used to not like Nicki’s music either until I actually sat down and LISTENED to it. she says a lot of amazing stuff, tbqh)

That’s why I said I thought she was into feminism. Because she’ll say shit like this, then be all flirty if a girl SHE’S attracted to is wearing skimpy shit. I’m gonna be Wonder Woman for Halloween, and she cannot say anything.

(I don’t like rap, content non withstanding. I don’t doubt it’s integrity. My dad hates rap as well but praises her talent)

So last week I was talking to my friend who is really up on feminism and stuff (so I thought…) and Niki Minaji (I spelt that so wrong) came up and I assumed she would be indifferent but she was all like

"I don’t care about the music, but does she have to be such a WHORE about it"

And proceed to call her a whore and insult her in various and ways and I’m just like

"cease the slutshaming please. like why?????"

Kisses, a Makai Ouji fanfic


Makai Ouji | Dantalion x William | Dantalion, and his habit of kissing William

Dantalion has developed this habbit of kissing William out of nowhere. He does it oftenly, quite a few times in a single day and he just couldn’t help himself from doing it. He’s persistent -…

Remedy, a Makai Ouji Fanfiction


Makai Ouji | Dantalion x William | Dantalion takes care of a sick William (written because I'm sick myself)

“You know, for someone so smart, you really are stubborn!”


“Whatever. Just keep that darn thing out of my sight”


“It’s medicine. It’ll make you feel…

Yume Yume.


Doudjinshi Dantalion x William R-18(!)

Scanned by me.


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