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I wanted to ship them. I really truly did.

But I can’t stand looking at Barnaby, let alone letting him have Kotestu, who hands down made the show. I loved loved loved his attitude. He was a chill dude for the most part, who only wanted to do what’s right, for his wife, daughter, and the people. He would get irritated a lot, but if you noticed, he never really got ANGRY. He was also funny, and all around likable.

To prevent this from being hate, I shall keep my opinions on Barnaby to myself.

While I admit the last few moments with them were cute, but they felt so rushed. Ugh. I can kinda see them having some romantic tension later, but can never ever see them together for real. Sorry to people who can. :/

Good god is the friendship forced! I don’t believe that they even really like one another…I can barely buy Barnaby looking up to and/or respecting Kotestu, let alone them having some groundbreaking partnership. Kotestu has no reason whatsoever to like him. Grrrr.

I hate Barnaby so fucking much.

While I don’t really ship them presently, that moment where Barnaby is all like “I’m no match for him” on TV was super gay

super gay

Is there any point in the series where Barnaby stops being kinda of an asshole (past episode 14?)?

I mean I know he’s stubborn and withdrawn, but a simple fricking thank you to Kotestu for figuring it out, in private, mumbled, something! All I was was kinda angry at him. And he was just starting to being a nice guy in episode 9 and 10 too!

shonai0willins answered your question:Okay, so I have an ACTUALLY serious anime question…
I’ve only seen the first episode, but it’s a sci-fi/action kind of thing and I liked it quite a bit for a first episode. Give it a shot
Okay then. I only really even needed one or two recommendations, but I live life in a, to quote my parents “boring way”, and don’t like sitting through something I won’t like. I have a site to watch it on anyways…so…

Okay, so I have an ACTUALLY serious anime question here.

Is Tiger & Bunny good? Like good good? Because all I’ve heard about it is the gay stuff, and while I’m down with that, I’m actually looking for something’s serious to watch (preferably something that will make me cry).

So yeah. Biased or unbiased, is it worth my time?

So Muraki makes me wanna cry, Akabane gives me goosebumps, and Hisoka makes me sick…

I hate these guys so much I love them. Probably my three favorite villians of all time.

Sure Hsoka and Akabane are creepy creepers, but at least they aren’t as bad as Muraki, who actually made good on his creepy obsessive rape-y threats


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Okay so Ghostbusters is being rereleased for several reasons tomorrow, and me and my dad have to go see it (I had seen that move like before I could walk), and since I’m all Masagoto/Samenco-y…

Weird ass AU time. Ghosthunter AU (not really Ghostbusters).

So Masayoshi has always been a fan of ghosthunting, thinking that they’re awesome and amazing, anre has collected all their figurines and the ghostss figurines too. He also does some ametuer busting himself. During one particular incident he meets a certain man (still a policeman) named Goto, who is personally a disbeliever in ghosts. Well, was until they ran into ones, whom Yoshi somehow manages to scare off, and they strike up a similar friendship (*coughs* relationship) as in the show. They met other people in the profession, and even bust some themselves.

Goto still does the same thing with his girlfriend, except…well, once he stops after accepting his feelings for Masayoshi, they texts keep coming? Turns out her ghost migrated to the phone because that was where she was remembered most. Made has to hunt her, which is painful, but he is always there for Goto. After that, she manages to pass on to heaven, and Goto manages to move on himself.

More crap probably happens, but it’s 3 a.m and I’m outta odeas